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Does your home tell your story?
Does your home tell your story?
Does your home tell your story?

554 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Art + Antiques + Design Studio

Open  Tuesday through Saturday 10am  through 5pm.
Sunday and Monday  Open by Appointment.


By deeply engaging the client’s aesthetic and architectural tastes, Gloria Devan employs the best in honest, well-crafted furniture, personally mixed colors and unique textures. With a high value on custom work and knowing when editing is necessary, Gloria Devan believes interior design is beyond physical transformation.

“A home should tell a story. It should be deeply felt.”

Designing and inspiring interior spaces that reflect a deeply personal aesthetic using only the finest in antique and contemporary materials, custom furniture and intriguing objects.

Esteban Vicente- East End, 1977
Jan Adlmann – Metal Plates with Glass Jewel
Rustic Pots
Big Green Pot – Josh Deweese
James Gosowski – Untitled
Santo Guatemalan – 18th Century
Jan Adlmann – Cherub in Chains
Jan Adlmann – Heavenly Reception
Majolica and Chinese Pots
Kay Khan -City
Test Item 4
Test Item 3
Test Item 2
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About + Services

Gloria Devan Interior Design and Atelier

About Gloria:

With a rigorous approach to architectural details and hand-selected pieces from a coterie of artisans and artists, Gloria’s approach to interior design is completely bespoke. Her specialty is in realizing the relationship of art and antiques with a particular space, bringing as much import to what is not there as to what is. She believes that the best way to fully inhabit a space is to surround oneself with layers of material and objects that are honest in the purity of their materials and craftsmanship. Shifting the dynamic of catalogue shopping that is accepted in the industry, Gloria’s spaces are really about her client’s self-expression, comfort and aspirations, which she builds on from scratch. When the right atmosphere has been created, the right style has been achieved. Gloria’s atelier and gallery on Canyon Rd. is a creative space where one can browse through the work of her favorite artists as well as sit down for a full interior design consultation.

California College of Arts & Crafts, BFA with Honors, Interior Architecture
University of Southern California Certificate of Short Courses, Historic Preservation

Underlying Philosophy:

Gloria Devan Interior Design + Atelier pairs bespoke design with the best in hand-constructed furniture and intriguing objects from around the world. Antiques, 20th Century furniture and contemporary art pieces can be hand selected to help the client develop the layers of the home’s canvas. By taking the time to deeply understand the client’s aesthetic and emotional response, Gloria Devan’s connectedness with clients and their home makes for a memorable experience in the design studio and resulting interior space.

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Gloria Devan Interior Design and Atelier